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Magnifying Glass with Light - 3 Lens Set (2x + 3x + 7x)
Magnifying Glass with Light - 3 Lens Set (2x + 3x + 7x)
Magnifying Glass with Light - 3 Lens Set (2x + 3x + 7x)
Magnifying Glass with Light - 3 Lens Set (2x + 3x + 7x)
Magnifying Glass with Light - 3 Lens Set (2x + 3x + 7x)

Magnifying Glass with Light - 3 Lens Set (2x + 3x + 7x)

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Your Search For The Best Handheld LED Magnifying Glass Is Finally Over! 

iMagniphy LED Magnifying Glasses consistently achieve great reviews from our happy customers. We use the best manufacturing methods, strict testing, and quality control to ensure your LED Magnifying Glass set is delivered in perfect condition.

BEST AMAZON MARKET VALUE - iMagniphy offers the genuine premium product but at a LOWER price! Save your wallet. Comes with durable ABS plastic handle with LED light and 3 interchangeable glass lenses to easily change the magnification you need to suit any task using the simple lens release system. Comes with a FREE cleaning cloth to keep your lenses smudge free

5 STAR VERIFIED REVIEWS - We have nearly two thousand 5 Star “Verified Reviews” from customers who absolutely love this magnifier set. SENIOR CITIZENS REJOICE - Imagine, no more struggling to read the tiny print on those coupons and pill prescriptions. You will feel so satisfied you can read everything in perfect clarity. Stamp and coin collections, watch repair & inspecting jewelry is crystal clear under the premium lenses. Also useful for parents and teachers inspecting children for lice.

AMAZING SERVICE- Any issue with your magnifier? We will replace it for you right away. Or are you simply not happy? We will refund your full purchase price even after Amazons return period has passed. iMagniphy is seriously committed to amazing customer service!

HELP YOUR GRANDPARENTS - Imagine the look on their faces - your elderly loved ones will praise you with thanks when you gift them this set of magnifying lenses. We receive constant great reviews of our elderly friends who are over the moon with how this improves their day-to-day lives. Treat your loved ones to an amazing gift today - They will love you for it!

PERFECT BEDTIME READING - Don't wake your partner reading with the lights on at night anymore. The built-in, stylish, energy efficient LED lights put out the perfect amount of light when you need to read or work in the dark. You can view everything with ease. Shine a light on those hard to reach places, all while magnifying while you go


- A Large 3.5-inch lens with 2.5X magnification
- A 3-inch lens with 5X magnification
- A 1.5-inch lens with 16X magnification - that's 1.6 times stronger than 10X!
- 3 AAA Batteries are required (Not included)


Customer Reviews

Based on 702 reviews
Need a power supply for the desktop magniphyer.

My cats had a very good time chewing my power supply cable and a portion of the part the plugs into the 120 volt supply. Can you provide that? or must I buy a complete new unit, (that is currently sold out). I would also like to order a 3 piece set of hand held 2.5, 5, & 16. and 4 extra handles.

Jesse Schneider
Quality craftsmanship

I just wanna say thanks for producing a product that is durable and does what it is designed to do. On top of that, it's affordable. Seems as though no one is doing this anymore. Anyone posting a bad review is no doubt trying to get something for free.
I bought the 3 in one 🔎

Appears to be a return!

I ordered the 2.5, 5 and 16 and an additional 10x lens. When I received the package, the box had been opened, the glasses fell out, the papers appeared to be unfolded and refolded. The bag appeared to be used, dirty and just put back in. I also did not get my 10x lens that I paid for. I am very disappointed in this company. I ordered brand new and I don't feel I got brand new. Not to mention that they did not include the additional lens that I paid for. This is a gift for someone.

Alaina Trujillo
Great helper for detail work

Very nice set of magnifiers! Great communication from seller to help with installation of batteries before the package arrived.

Salma Hester
Work great..

Work great....they would be perfect if they came with a stand so you can use two hands for working on a project! Exactly as described and easy to use.__

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