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Portable Magnifiers: The Perfect Visual Aid on The Go

One of the most difficult parts of vision loss is the prospect of giving up one’s independence. It’s not uncommon for people struggling with vision loss to find themselves cut off from the activities they once enjoyed while relying on family members or assistants to complete simple errands.

Investing in a reliable magnifier is a great way to manage vision challenges, and the portable magnifier allows users easy access to magnification wherever they go.

It’s small. The iMagniphy 10X Portable Key Ring Loupe Magnifying Glass fits in the palm of the user’s hand and can attach easily to a key ring. Its owner can simply toss it in a handbag or pocket along with their keys and wallet and walk out the door. They can quickly and easily grab their magnifier to enhance type at the grocery store, restaurants or the doctor’s office—wherever their day may take them.

It’s lightweight. Magnifying glasses of the past were largely restricted to use at a desk or armchair for a simple reason—they were heavy. In addition to its smaller size, the portable magnifier is light enough to be carried in a pocket, bag or around the neck without burdening its owner with extra weight strain, allowing them to forget it’s even there until they need it.

It lights up. For some people, the most frustrating part of vision loss is the increased difficulty perceiving details in low-light environments. The iMagniphy 10X + 5X LED Magnifying Glass Lens Set comes equipped with LED, energy efficient bulbs. Users with and without vision issues can benefit from its convenience, as it illuminates details in the dark and allows for easy reading on airplanes, in dim restaurants or in bed, when a user is reading a book they can’t put down but doesn’t want to disturb their sleeping partner.

It’s stylish. With its silver finish and sleek, modern design, the 10X Portable Key Ring Loupe Magnifying Glass slips into a pocket without looking bulky. It can also be worn on a chain or lanyard around the neck, allowing easy access and while blending fashionably as an accessory.

It works with vision prescriptions. Many people living with vision loss rely on their glasses and contacts. The portable magnifier works with prescriptions, enlarging small type on coupons, medicine labels, maps, newspapers, but doesn’t interfere with the corrections made by glasses and contacts.

The Portable Key Ring Loupe Magnifying Glass is also an Amazon's Choice product, meaning it is highly rated by users, determined to be well priced and available to ship immediately. As with all iMagniphy products, the portable magnifier comes with a 100% lifetime warranty and money back guarantee, so users can rest assured they are carrying a reliable product.

Fading vision can be frightening and discouraging and often means a person will have to adjust their daily routine. But with the right tools, they can still maintain their independence, and a portable magnifier can provide that extra bit of light and clarity its user needs to navigate their world with ease.

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