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Magnifying Glasses with Lights? [Are They Worth It?]

I’m sure if you are reading this post, you be wondering about some of the options you should include with your magnifier or magnifying glass that you are currently considering purchasing to help aid you with low vision problems. Providing eye relief is most likely at the top of your priority list.

Magnification tools have come a long way and have surely advanced over the years.

The tools available are affordable, and they are slowly beginning to offer more and more options built into the devices. Options such as custom or swappable lenses, special grips and even LED lighting to help enhance visibility even further while relieving eye strain.

If you currently suffer from low visions problems that can range anywhere from a condition such as glaucoma or even Macular degeneration, you are most likely looking for a device that will provide the most relief possible. While doing so, you probably keep running into products with additional options available.

For today's post, I want to cover one item. Are magnification tools or magnifying glasses with lights (led lights) worth it? After testing several options and knowing these products well, here is what I can tell you on this subject.

So, are magnification tools/aids or magnifying glasses with LED lights worth it? Yes. LED lighting built into your handheld magnifier or other magnification/low vision aids can help immensely. It’s going to improve visibility, relieve additional eye strain and allow you to still complete task regardless of the lighting situation in the room you are currently trying to work, read or enjoy another hobby in.

Let’s take a minute or two, to break down why this could be advantageous for you to consider and briefly touch on 1 of the options that you can find for your purchase.

How LED Lights with Your Magnifiers Can Help Immensely

A lighted magnifier also commonly referred to as an “illuminated magnifier” can provide many additional benefits to reduce eye strain and battle back against low vision problems. Choosing the right magnifier is one thing but additional and proper lighting built into your magnifier can make a world of difference.

Magnifying lenses and other magnification tools are going to be nearly pointless or useless in dark lighting situations. Having built-in lights can solve this problem for you. Maybe you want to read a book in bed while the spouse gets a good night’s rest. Maybe you need the device for something completely different.

The main takeaway with having built-in lights on your magnifying glass is that it can help immensely with reducing the total amount of magnification needed to perform the various task you are trying to perform and make the device that much more capable of assisting with an everyday task.

The lights themselves increase visibility and help substantially on their own.

Lighted Magnifiers Don’t Cost Much More Than Standard Magnifiers

Another overlooked positive trait about lighted magnifiers is that they don’t add much additional price if any to a regular magnifying glass or magnification tool that doesn’t include this option. At Imagniphy, our magnifiers come with built in-LED lighting, and you can purchase a 3-lens adjustable set for only 25.00.

Compared to other models and options, this may even be cheaper, and you still get the benefit of the lights working in your corner.

Lighted magnifiers often use pure white color. This is known to minimize the effort needed on the user's end to enhance the vision and clarity of the object being viewed. In addition, these lighted magnifiers usually run highly efficient lights which helps against bulbs going bad or batteries being overworked and drained quickly.

Portability with Handheld Lighted Magnifiers

Portability is another helpful factor to consider when looking for the perfect magnifier to help you with your daily task. The lighted magnifiers don’t have much additional weight and are still fully portable. You can take these with you anywhere you go.

This can have you rest assured that regardless of the situation or circumstances you run into, that you have a tool that can be easily used to help with the task while reducing eye strain and aiding you with the low vision issues you are currently encountering.

Other Lighted Magnifier Options


Outside of portable handheld magnifiers, you can also turn to other options that will also include lighting features. Knowing all your options is key to finding the absolute best solutions towards helping your low vision problems. Let’s touch on stand magnifiers briefly.


Stand Magnifiers

Stand magnifiers are a free-standing option that you rest directly on the page you are needing assistance with. You can slide it to and from across the page as you read. It’s hands-free, and good stand magnifiers will still include the same lighting features that you frequently find with handheld magnifiers.

You can find great stand magnifiers for roughly 20-50.00.  Magnification options vary, and different versions of stand magnifiers are also available. If you are looking for a hands-free version of a magnifier that still offers the same lighting features as the handheld magnifiers offer, a stand magnifier may be your next best option to consider.


Lighted Magnifiers/handheld magnifiers are designed to help you on the go and assist with covering those hard to reach places and keep you viewing anything you choose quickly and with minimal effort. In many situations, these magnifiers will just need a few AAA batteries to receive power and will weigh roughly 8-10 ounces.

As you probably know, this lightweight and a great tool to bring with you on the go. The LED lights are explicitly designed to provide focused illumination, and for anyone battling the common low vision problems that are common across the United States, this can be a huge benefit not to overlook.

The Final Word. If Given the Option, Always Choose a Lighted Magnifier for Your Vision Needs


For the price difference, it’s crazy not to consider a LED or illuminated magnifier. The enhancement provides to low vision individuals, the ease of use and additional applications and uses it creates is currently un-matched. It’s hands-down the superior choice and one of the best options available for individuals with low vision problems.

If you are someone struggling with low vision and haven’t found a solution or any eye relief, you need to at least try using one of these illuminated magnifiers. I think the amount of assistance it will provide will amaze you.

What're your thoughts on lighted magnifiers vs. non-illuminated magnifiers? Do you have any specific magnifiers that you recommend? Be sure to drop a comment below, and we will keep this post updated with comments, questions, and concerns.

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