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Magnifying Glasses for Insects and Bugs [Best Options for Kids]

In recent weeks, we have been on a tangent of discussing the many uses of magnifying glasses for kids for several different hobbies.

It comes as no surprise that taking a closer look at insects and bugs is one of the favorite hobby’s kids can enjoy with magnifying glasses and the hobby we want to touch on briefly today.

If you have a kid that’s currently “somewhat fixated” on all the critters and insects they come across, don’t worry.

That’s 100% normal, and something kids at this age will do.

They want to explore and are eager to learn about the world around them.

Our job as parents is to encourage this behavior, give our kids a welcomed break away from technology for a few hours and let them build some fine motor skills.

However, finding the perfect magnifier to allow your kid some extra fun taking a closer look at these insects is a separate topic and what we want to cover quickly for you today.

Several different magnifier’s or magnifying glasses can get the job done, but what are some considerations to keep in mind when making the purchase?

That’s what the rest of this post is designed to discuss.

The links directly below will allow you to easily navigate to any section of this post that you want or need to learn more about.

Here’s what we wanted to touch on quickly today:

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Here is what you should know.

What Is the Best Magnifier for Bugs and Insects?

Like we began this post saying, inspecting bugs and insects is a great way for your kids to explore the outdoors, build new skills and enjoy a hobby that doesn’t require an iPad or piece of technology to be in front of their eyes constantly.

With that being the case, you have a few things you can do to find the best magnifier or magnifying glass to take their bug exploration to the next level.

First and foremost, if you haven’t done so already, we highly recommend beginning by reading 2 of our other post that is on this topic.

The first details how to find the best magnifying glass for kids of different ages and what features to look for during your search.

You can read that post here.

The other post we have simply broken down other hobbies and great uses for magnifiers and magnifying glasses that kids of all ages can enjoy if they aren’t quite the bug explorer that this post is detailing today.

You can read that post here.

Magnifiers and magnifying glasses offer unique benefits to children that can include the following:

    • Increased Focus
    • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Imagination and Learning to Play Independently.
    • Increase in Motor Skills
    • Improving Hand and Eye Coordination

When deciding which magnifier, you are going to ultimately purchase for your kids who enjoy the hunt for new bugs and critters; you have a few things you should keep in mind.

Here are some of the details on what to look for and how to find the best magnifier possible.

Some Considerations to Keep in Mind Purchasing Magnifiers for Viewing Bugs and Insects

To kick start things, if you ask two different people what magnifier or magnifying glass the best for insects for kids may be to use, you may get two different answers.

You have options such as colorful kids’ jumbo magnifiers and you have options such as small bar magnifiers that can be placed directly over an insect and remain in a fixed position for easy viewing.

Clearly, the colorful jumbo kids’ magnifiers make for a great option for kids who need the color and size to spark their enthusiasm but for the child age 7 and over, a simple bar magnifier could be a great option.

We often even suggest using a magnifier set such as our 2-lens set that we offer at iMagniphy for kids that don’t need all the style and color to get excited.

Our set comes with interchangeable lenses, durability, and are budget-friendly.

Additionally, our 2-lens set offers comfortable grips with LED lighting, which can be considered excellent added features for the price.

Final Thoughts on Magnifiers for Bugs and Insects for Kids

Regardless which magnifier you ultimately choose for insect and bug viewing, your kids are bound to have a blast with the activity and hobby.

Find a magnifier that can help them explore and gauge their interest.

Stick with plastic lenses to avoid breakage and damage.

Enjoy the benefits and skills and that magnifiers and magnifying glasses can provide your children.

Best of luck in your search.

Share Your Thoughts on This Topic with The Readers

What magnifiers do you recommend for children looking to take their bug exploration to the next level?

Be sure to share your stories by dropping a comment below.


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