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Low Vision and Loupes [All the Benefits and Options]

Some low vision devices have multiple uses and many benefits that they can provide. Sometimes they can double down and help you to fight back against low vision problems for various tasks while providing other uses and benefits.

Sometimes you need assistance with reading, and sometimes you are looking for relief in areas such as coin collecting, stamp collecting or just paying bills.

Loupes are one of those devices that can do just that. What are loupes designed for and how can they help you if you are currently facing low vision problems? Here is what I can tell you on this topic.

So, how can loupes benefit you and provide relief against low vision problems? Loupes can be used to help magnify and provide eye relief for tasks such as coin collecting, stamp collecting, reading the small print on various items and even examining items such as jewelry, photographs, and blueprints among many other great benefits and uses.

Loupes are a low vision device that provides many benefits. They also come in a variety of different options. If you stick with me here for just a minute, I’ll break down some other standard features and practical uses for loupes that you can start implementing and gaining the much-needed eye relief from today.

A Deeper Look at Loupes and The Benefits

Loupes can come in a wide variety of magnification levels. You can find loupes that come standard with 3x magnification levels and some will offer magnification levels as high as 20x or possibly even higher magnification levels. They can be used for examining remarkably fine detail for specific hobbies or occupations such as jewelers or even coin and stamp collecting.

Loupes are also now coming with the ability and the added feature of LED lighting that can dramatically improve your clarity and eye relief. Even at the lower magnification levels. Loupes can be considered a perfect solution for anyone looking for eye relief and help with a task such as the following list you see below.

•    Reading Books

•    Reading Newspapers

•    Crafts

•    Stamp Collecting

•    Coin Collecting

•    Jewelry Inspecting

•    Electronic Inspecting

•    Photo and Photography Uses

•    Blue Print Inspection

•    Rock Collecting

•    Plant Examining

•    Wildlife and other Nature Uses


Loupes also offer the added benefit of coming standard with scratch-resistant lenses and some loupes even offer a twisting focus control. This means that you can increase or decrease magnification/focus by turning the loupe ring one direction or the other.

Additionally, when LED lights are used with loupes, they are typically built in the “dome” portion of the loupe that will help make the best use of the brightness levels and truly reflect plenty of clarity and eye relief.

A Few Recommendations for Loupes to Consider

Currently, we are happy to announce and introduce two loupes that we believe are the best fit for any application or use. The Imagniphy Double Lens Jewelry Magnifier comes with the ability to be used at 10x magnification or 20x magnification.

The price of this magnifier is also only 9.99 which is substantially lower than many of the other loupes currently being offered to consumers. Another feature we currently are very pleased with is the fact that both magnification levels are available all within one unit.

You merely need to switch to the lens and turn your loupe to enjoy a 10x or 20x magnification level at any time in a matter of seconds.  This loupe will bring back enjoyment and reduce eye strain with a variety of task such as reading, clipping and reading coupons or even reading the labels on your prescription bottles.

Reading small print when battling low vision problems can really be a pain, and this should be perfect for you and get you back to enjoying everyday life again in no-time.

The 40X Illuminated Loupe with 3 Built-in LEDs

This is another loupe that ranks amongst our popular options that we recommend and delivers real value for the price. This loupe comes with a UV blacklight and offers the added benefit of LED lighting to enhance the clarity and overall eye relief provided. In addition, 40x magnification levels will allow you to see the smallest details with crisp and crystal-clear detail.

This is also another loupe that is multifunctional. You have two loupes all in one. Additionally, the loupes we have mentioned including this option are small and lightweight and can be easily transported with you anywhere you desire to go. For full portability and the overall design, we don’t think you can't go wrong with either of the options we have mentioned at this point.

Lifetime Guarantee and Warranties with Imagniphy Loupes and Magnification Tools

If your hesitant or think this may not be the product for you, let us remind you that we do back up our products with a lifetime money back guarantee. If you are not happy or satisfied with either of the loupes, we have discussed in this post tomorrow, or in ten years, you can feel good knowing that we are glad to refund the full purchase price for you. No questions asked. Ever.

In Summary, Loupes Are Versatile and Great Options for Everyone

At the end of the day, I believe the loupes suggested will provide all the aid and relief you are looking for but if they aren’t entirely for you, many other options flood the market and offer help to individuals struggling with low vision problems.

When it’s all said and done, nothing matters except you finding the device that can help you with all the task you are looking to complete and get you back to enjoying your old hobbies and daily routines once again. 

Low vision is a problem that many individuals face but it’s not a problem that you can’t fight back against or begin finding solutions and relief towards. We are always here to help.

What are your thoughts about loupes? Do you have any specific loupes or magnification levels you believe are the best for specific task and hobbies? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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